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Update Your Details

Moved home? Got Married, Changed your Job? Changed your working hours? If your details have changed please tell the GMB. or update your personal profile now via the members area on the national website, via the local GMB Office, Plymouth 01752 660219 or via the local Branch.


Find GMB

Find your nearest GMB office and contact details.

Join the Labour Party

GMB believes that with the right policies based on values held by GMB members, the Labour Party is the best chance for a fairer deal for GMB members. As a GMB member you get a special Labour Party membership rate of only £22.50 a year. That’s £1.88 a month.

Want to be a GMB Workplace Organiser?

There are lots of GMB roles that members are trained to carry out at work. Which one do you want to do? just a point of contact, a health and safety rep, an workplace organiser? if any, contact us and we can have a chat about your options. Training is free and release from the employer is allowed under our recognition agreement.

You would not lose pay whilst training or undertaking any of your Trade Union roles at work.

Retiring from Work?

If a GMB member retires you can apply for FREE retired life membership within three months of no longer paying contributions in line with rules 45 or 46. To qualify, they have to be permanently retired from paid work. Have been a GMB member for at least 5 years and all you need to do is apply in writing or contact your local GMB office to become retired life member of the GMB union.

Keep in Touch

Have you given GMB Union your email address and/or your mobile number?

Easiest way to change your details via the membership area login (just a couple of minutes and you’re there CLICK HERE


Posted: 25th April 2018

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