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GMB NHS Pay Claim 2024/25

Updated 13th May 2024
GMB has written to the Secretary of State regarding the delayed pay award for 2024/25.
Details of our Claim for NHS staff and some FAQ sheets for members are available on the GMB Noticeboard link NHS Pay 2024/25 | GMB Union

Please go to the GMB Union NHS Noticeboard via the GMB Union website and view the  GMB NHS Pay Claim details which have been submitted to the Government.

If you would prefer to have a copy of the claim by email please just ask, I will happily send you the information by email.

Please UPDATE your personal and work details so that we are able to contact you in the event  we need to organise any actions to campaign and fight for the pay deal you deserve.

Update online via your LOGIN at the GMB Website

Update via your Branch Reps

Update via your local GMB Plymouth office 01752 660219

Details of the NHS Pay Claim – Click the link below.