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Law on Industrial Action – Strikes ?

What is the law on taking Industrial Action?

How and if Strike Action works will rely totally on the solidarity and the strength shown by the membership. It is important that if you are considering taking industrial action that you understand the law.

Do I have to tell my employer if I am going on strike?

Answer is NO!

You do not have to tell your employer whether you plan to take industrial action in advance of the date when action begins as this will enable them to minimise any disruption the action is aimed to cause.

Employer can ask employees if they are planning to strike, so they can tell what effect a strike will have – You DO NOT have to tell the employer of your plans – You have every right to just say ‘NO COMMENT’ !

Questions on Industrial Action

This will give you general information – the links are not local and you should refer questions to your own GMB Union Branch.