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HCA Band 2 UHPT Letter



As you may be aware, nationally, NHS Employers provided clarification around the Healthcare Support Worker job profiles, including expectations regarding the duties and responsibilities for colleagues working in these roles.

The Trust have recently revised both the Band 2 and Band 3 HCSW job descriptions across the organisation in line with the 16 factors in the national profiles.  Copies of the refreshed job descriptions are attached.

The Trust has undertaken a scoping exercise profiling all existing Band 2 HCSWs (in post as of November 2022) to ascertain whether they are currently working within the Band 2 or Band 3 scope of practice.  A similar piece of work will be undertaken for colleagues who started after this time.

I write to confirm that following the scoping exercise, you have been assessed as working at the Band 3 scope of practice against all 16 factors and you will now move onto the Band 3 job description and pay effective from a date to be arranged.  You will remain on the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service (Agenda for Change) and your current Band 2 HCSW job description will change to the new Band 3 HCSW job description (as attached).

You may well be aware from your Trades Union that the Joint Trades Unions have lodged a formal dispute regarding the matter of backpay.  Although the Trust has made a number of offers over the past few months on backpay, these have not been acceptable to the Joint Trades Unions.  Whilst the Trades Unions are not in agreement with this, the Trust is intending to implement a change of pay to move you to Band 3 pay given we have assessed you are working at this level and to do this from 1 April 2023 in the first instance.  The Trust is, however, committed to continuing to seek a formal resolution to the dispute with the Joint Trades Unions on the matter of back pay and we will keep you informed of progress with this in the coming weeks.

The spinal column point that you will be moved to ie £22816 or £24336 is yet to be determined and you will be kept updated about this.

This move to Band 3 may impact your finances.  Whilst the Trust is unable to provide financial advice, please take independent advice if you would like to.  We can suggest the Trust Employee Assistance Program called Vivup which you can access by downloading the Vivup App and the Staff Hub which can be found on the intranet – Staff Hub – Wellbeing – financial support.

You have been assessed as having the English and Mathematics skills required to work at Band 3, either because of qualifications, or because you have been working at Band 3 level.  If you do not have English and Mathematics qualifications, the Trust can help you to attain these if you would like to, as they will help with future opportunities.  Please let your manager know if you would like to do this.


There is an option for you to remain in a Band 2 HCSW role, with an updated job description based on the national profile (as attached).  Should you choose not to take up the Band 3 HCSW role, please speak to your manager and email so that your decision can be recorded and actioned.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued dedication to your role, and ongoing commitment to the Trust and patients.